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Ark Building Adventures

Just some of my building projects from past servers and stuff… ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]


Hello, Minas Tirith!

After five years…or whatever it’s been, I have made it to Minas Tirith! My dreams have come true and I can die a happy hobbit. Behold! My adventure to the capital city of Gondor! 😀  


A Very Lost Hobbit…

I have been horribly distracted latley…sorta. Was saving Middle-earth and woke up on a (very hot…muggy) island with giant things people tell me are dinosaurs. Until I can figure out how to get back [I stop playing…] I have been doing the best I can to survive so the telling of my adventures will have […]


A Message from Mel

Hello, readers. I am Melannuial, Hunter and one of Kynta’s faithful companions. I am here to announce that Kynta, having reached level 100, has now passed the torch, or challenge as she put it (not sure if I want to know why she giggled mockingly after that…) to me to make it to Dol Amroth. […]


Beware, Middle-earth! Kynta is Lvl 100!

Yep, she made it. It’s been a long road, full of rocks and cliffs that come out of no where…Marshmellow found them all in Western Gondor, I assure you (can’t say I remember where they all are being we often had a concussion after the fall…thankfully one was into a river so it wasn’t too […]


Adventures in Leveling, Music, and an Elf

Today, Kynta made it (FINALLY) to lvl 92. Yeah, I know. She’s slow. But she ran out of cookies back at 85 and thanks to Saruman’s minions pillaging Rohan, the cookies are running scarece. Thankfully, she managed to permenantly barrow a few from her buddy Elgol and her leveling motivation was renewed! (Ok, maybe the […]


Middle-earth look out!

People’s of Middle-earth, beware! for there are now TWO, yes, I repeat TWO Kynta’s loose on Middle-earth. One should be feared for she is lvl 90 (or is it 91…) and has experience taking on trolls, giants, orcs, wargs, and even Saruman himself! She calls Gladden home and she is a veteran at Cookie-stealin’! The […]


A Trip to Western Gondor

I’m level 90 and didn’t care; I had to go to Western Gondor even if everything was going to want to eat me.


Before there was Kynta…

There was WolfMage and her gang of Super Hero friends. City of Heroes, my first MMO that was taken down because the creators didn’t like the direction it was going. (A rather lame excuse in my personal opinion). I didn’t play the last few years because I couldn’t afford the subscription. By the time it […]


Kynta and Marshmellow

Took a moment from saving Middle-earth on my way to Fenmarch (which is in Eastfold, if you didn’t know). Enjoy!