Super Hobbit Inc (also known as SH Inc on the Gladden Server), is a personal kin hosted by my main character, Kynta. While the Kinship is pretty much closed to new members, it consists primarily of my characters and friends’ characters (mostly their hobbits, but I did let a dwarf sneak in…) This Blog is really here to let me post my collection of screenshots, share LotRO stories that happened in-game, and someday let me have a place to publish the story about my characters that is currently sitting on the back burner.

istory of SH Inc

Coming soon.

Who’s in the Header?

The following Hobbits of Gladden are featured in the header:

  • Kynta Kelldot: Minstrel (mine)
  • Alephnull Transfinite: Warden (Cocah’s)
  • Calyenda: Hunter (my storage hobbit, she own’s my spare house…)
  • Milton: Hunter (not mine…don’t see him around anymore)
  • Myfirette: Minstrel (Dragonstar’s)

Maybe someday I’ll redo them now that I’ve learned a bit about Illustrator but…we’ll see. ๐Ÿ˜€

SH Inc Headquarters…er…Kin House

Well, as far as Kynta is concerned, it’s her Headquarters, office complete with a fire-breathing dragon fireplace! Here are some pictures of the Kin House, including current and past trophies.


This site is dedicated to Alephnull Transfinite (the hobbit Kynta is picking on in the header), aka Cocah Colah, former leader of The Storm Crusaders and my best in-game friend. I thank you for inspiring me and being there for me while you could. You were my guide and friend in so many ways and I wish I could have told you that. So for that reason, this site is dedicated to you, Super Hobbit #2!

It is also dedicated to all my LotRO friends in The Storm Crusaders and Tribal. Without all of you, that would be one very boring game. They let me be the weird little hobbit-in-a-box during Tier 2 raids so it’s hard not to put you all up here! ๐Ÿ˜€

Credits and Copyrights

Lord of the Rings Online is owned by Turbine and Warner Brother’s.