A Message from Mel

Posted in: Elven Adventures

Hello, readers. I am Melannuial, Hunter and one of Kynta’s faithful companions. I am here to announce that Kynta, having reached level 100, has now passed the torch, or challenge as she put it (not sure if I want to know why she giggled mockingly after that…) to me to make it to Dol Amroth. But, before my adventures continue (since they were put on hold by said hobbit having a tantrum about not being able to sleep at night if I, the first created, got to level 100 before her…*sigh*), I would like to share the last pictures that were taken by our bratty…er…loving little Hobbit Minstrel.

Now that that is over with, I present the first screenshots of the beginning of me, the actual leader of our fellowship! Wish me luck, though with my bow skills killing things in my way is no problem!