The Adventures of Kynta Kelldot

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Being bored I decided to go through some of my 5k screenshots and found several that I took for the purpose of posting on Kynta’s blog before she had a blog.

Kynta and the Nazgul

I think this is one of those WTF moments. I don’t know where this is or anything (probably an instance), but if anything, either that Nazgul’s horse is HUGE or Marshmellow is tiny. I mean, I know he’s small but still.

Kynta and the Nazgul (they don't share cookies by the way...)

Kynta and the Nazgul (they don’t share cookies by the way…)

Kynta, Queen of Annuminas!

I really like Annuminas, even if it is underwater (then again what’s better than having a giant swimming pool outside your backdoor?) I will claim it as my own someday and the bad guys will stay out. Until then, I take my moments of Queendom when I can! ๐Ÿ˜›

The new Queen of Annuminas (or whatever Instance this is...)

The new Queen of Annuminas (or whatever Instance this is…)

Helpful Hobbitses

Apparently Kynta has a thing with helping with the patrols…

Patrolling Stangard...

Patrolling Stangard…

Patrolling Snowbourn...

Patrolling Snowbourn…

Yeah, she’s not afraid of trolls…

Kynta is short but defiantly not afraid to fight a troll, even with a frying pan! ๐Ÿ˜€

Bring it Troll!

Bring it on Troll! I have a frying pan an I know how to use it! (please note Captain running away. heehee)

Bring it Troll!

Gimli isn’t the only one able to make a last stand on Balin’s Tomb!