Kynta in Rohan

Posted in: Hobbit Adventures

Off to Western Rohan Kynta goes, and this time for real. First stop is the Entwade, across the river Snowbourn and one’s first city when entering the Westemnet. Here, help the Thane as usual, as they prepare to move the residence to a safer location for the coming war. Sounds easy.

It was for me but not this poor guy. Somehow managed to summon my ‘slave’ NPC while on Marshmellow and he had to run behind me. I was nice and slowed down to a walk so that I didn’t lose him but it was nice when the bug ended and Marshmellow could go full gallop across the beautiful Rohrrim landscape.

ScreenShot00017Sadly, the people don’t make it and the Thane goes to complain to Eowyn, who then goes to the town to clear out the orcs, with Super Hobbit of course. Final showdown was four against five – we one but the big ugly one in the middle was determined to steal my cookies. I told him no and ran for my life.ScreenShot00021Return to Edoras where Eowyn yaps to her council peoples. In the mean time, I steal Theoden’s throne! Then she stopped giving orders and send me to do “more productive” things…

ScreenShot00023Like…stop two brothers from arguing over a house. Really? And in the end, i find the deed so the house belongs to me. Not looking forward to this mess to clean up – at least Cynthrya is happy, being this is a Rohrrim house in Edoras. I’d greatly prefer my Hobbit hole!