Middle-earth look out!

Posted in: Hobbit Adventures

People’s of Middle-earth, beware! for there are now TWO, yes, I repeat TWO Kynta’s loose on Middle-earth. One should be feared for she is lvl 90 (or is it 91…) and has experience taking on trolls, giants, orcs, wargs, and even Saruman himself! She calls Gladden home and she is a veteran at Cookie-stealin’!

The other is an up-and-comer making her home on Landrovel. While she isn’t much of a threat yet, she has all of the Original Kynta’s notes stashed in her backpack as she sets out on her own set of adventures!

As always, if you find a Super Hobbit…hide your cookies.

This announcment is brought to you by Melannuial, Cynthrya, Isilrien, and Calnarya (who feel most sorry for Landrovel for having yet another hobbit-menance released into their midsts…but highly relived that they were not cloned and brought over as well!)