Rune-keeper’s Rampage

Posted in: Misadventures

Calnarya sets off for Rohan. Why they have you start at the river’s edge, run all the way to Wildermore, and then back, I don’t know. I’m sure they expect everyone to have bought Wildermore but I didn’t since I was told it really wasn’t worth it. Anyway, so Calnarya runs to Nona’s cave, then comes back. Along the way, her horse trips and falls over, and through, some rocks only to find a pretty tree hanging over a cliff and a very nice view.


In Edoras, the door warden says we have to leave our weapons with him. Now, if that is so, I should not be able to blow up Grima while the NPC’s yap. Yes, I was throwing down my new, shinny, awesome explody rune-stone on Grima the entire time. That will teach them that a Rune-keeper’s rock is more than a pretty rock! Like, a wizards staff is more than a walking stick. hehee. ScreenShot00287

Don’t make my RK mad – she blows things up. 😛