The adventures of Super Hobbit (mostly Kynta but the others might steal the blog at times, too).


The Adventures of Kynta Kelldot

Being bored I decided to go through some of my 5k screenshots and found several that I took for the purpose of posting on Kynta’s blog before she had a blog. Kynta and the Nazgul I think this is one of those WTF moments. I don’t know where this is or anything (probably an instance), […]


Kynta in Rohan

Off to Western Rohan Kynta goes, and this time for real. First stop is the Entwade, across the river Snowbourn and one’s first city when entering the Westemnet. Here, help the Thane as usual, as they prepare to move the residence to a safer location for the coming war. Sounds easy. It was for me […]


Kynta Visits Edoras

First day of Helms Deep, Kynta decided to make an out-of-the-way trip to visit Edoras. I was there in Beta but things change. I also decided that searching for a vault would be a wonderful idea – so I spent most of the time trying to find the elusive Edoras vault – only to realize […]