Silly, random things that catch my character’s eyes during their adventures.


A Very Lost Hobbit…

I have been horribly distracted latley…sorta. Was saving Middle-earth and woke up on a (very hot…muggy) island with giant things people tell me are dinosaurs. Until I can figure out how to get back [I stop playing…] I have been doing the best I can to survive so the telling of my adventures will have […]


Where’s Melannuial?

Going through old and new screenshots I came across this one: It was a “Where’s Waldo” moment, sort of. Or maybe a Which of these doesn’t belong (hint, its the silly elf hunter on the only horse with a red blanket). Melannuial tried this instance too soon and died that particular run so she had […]


Rune-keeper’s Rampage

Calnarya sets off for Rohan. Why they have you start at the river’s edge, run all the way to Wildermore, and then back, I don’t know. I’m sure they expect everyone to have bought Wildermore but I didn’t since I was told it really wasn’t worth it. Anyway, so Calnarya runs to Nona’s cave, then […]