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A Day With Tribal

I was hobbit-napped once again! Not quite unwillingly as I always love running with my Tribal-family! Good times, as always. (Curse you, boyfriend, for your weird phrases I’ve picked up on!…) I think the best part was this net of boost-circles. Could have put the rest of my 15 banners down if the cool-down hadn’t […]


Kynta in Middlemead

Finally get to Middlemead and it’s melodramatic Thain. *sigh* First thing is first, they know nothing about Hobbits if they’re going to ask me to have a meeting with them while there is a table full of food in my way. Middlemead burned, which was NOT by fault by the way, but I got a […]


Kynta Kelldot and the Door of the Dead

Underharrow. A pretty spot, really. With towering pines and trees and a creek with a bridge that really is almost too low for a hobbit and her pony…Ah, yes. Underharrow. Been here in Beta but can you really blame me for still laughing at my hobbit carrying this…again? Brings back the days of being Saruman’s […]


Chapter 3: Strange Signs

Alephnull and Kynta returned to Esteldin where they found that the chaos they had left earlier was still in progress. They found Tayrn outside the walls near the skirmish camp. The hunter was talking to Tagram and Melannuial. “So we travel all the way up here just to be told to leave?” Tagram grumbled. “That’s […]


The Adventures of Kynta Kelldot

Being bored I decided to go through some of my 5k screenshots and found several that I took for the purpose of posting on Kynta’s blog before she had a blog. Kynta and the Nazgul I think this is one of those WTF moments. I don’t know where this is or anything (probably an instance), […]


Where’s Melannuial?

Going through old and new screenshots I came across this one: It was a “Where’s Waldo” moment, sort of. Or maybe a Which of these doesn’t belong (hint, its the silly elf hunter on the only horse with a red blanket). Melannuial tried this instance too soon and died that particular run so she had […]


Kynta in Rohan

Off to Western Rohan Kynta goes, and this time for real. First stop is the Entwade, across the river Snowbourn and one’s first city when entering the Westemnet. Here, help the Thane as usual, as they prepare to move the residence to a safer location for the coming war. Sounds easy. It was for me […]


Rune-keeper’s Rampage

Calnarya sets off for Rohan. Why they have you start at the river’s edge, run all the way to Wildermore, and then back, I don’t know. I’m sure they expect everyone to have bought Wildermore but I didn’t since I was told it really wasn’t worth it. Anyway, so Calnarya runs to Nona’s cave, then […]


Kynta Visits Edoras

First day of Helms Deep, Kynta decided to make an out-of-the-way trip to visit Edoras. I was there in Beta but things change. I also decided that searching for a vault would be a wonderful idea – so I spent most of the time trying to find the elusive Edoras vault – only to realize […]