An old story involving my old Kinship. I did not go through and edit this much as I gave up on it eventually due to school and had no ambition to finish it. I might be bribed into finishing it with cookies however…

Final Boss

Chapter 3: Strange Signs

Alephnull and Kynta returned to Esteldin where they found that the chaos they had left earlier was still in progress. They found Tayrn outside the walls near the skirmish camp. The hunter was talking to Tagram and Melannuial. “So we travel all the way up here just to be told to leave?” Tagram grumbled. “That’s […]

Final Boss

Chapter 2: The Howling of Wolves

They we’re not the only ones to be summoned to the Ranger’s refuge in the North Downs. In Bree, the Shire, Falathlorn, and Thornin’s Hall, Kinships rallied themselves together and began to march north. Not all, but enough that no army of Mordor would have dared stop them. The sheer number that had been summoned […]

Final Boss

Chapter 1: Melannuial’s Bow

The Storm Crusaders set out in answer a mysterious call to Esteldin while Kynta has plans of mischief up her sleeves…