Warg Stalker

Angamor is the Cowardly Warg; Kynta hides him at the Kin House most of the time and has him convinced that he is safer guarding it than he is in the Moors…though he does sneak off to the Moors occasionally despite his fear of being killed. Because he can sneak, he does that a lot. Like, all the time (and has been known to pull pranks on SH Inc Visitors). He tries to keep his affiliations quite to the rest of Mordor’s armies. Anga currently uses the overly-used tiger skin until he gets to Rank 5 and can get a skin that matches his name…Freeps need to die faster! 🙂

Angamor Facts

  • Full NameAngamor BlackIron
  • Name Origin'anga' - iron; 'mor' - black
  • ClassStalker
  • RaceWarg
  • OriginMordor
  • Favorite ColorRed, Black