Elf Rune-keeper

Fiery in personality and spirit, Calnarya is often seen as a stuck-up and rather bitchy, for lack of better terms. Kynta hates her, Melannuial and Isilrien tolerate her, and the others simply wish she wasn’t around. However, despite her unbecoming personality, Calnarya is a skilled jeweler and a brilliant Rune-keeper. She’s stubborn and speaks her mind freely without much thought as to what others may think of her words. Perhaps someday Melannuial and the others will be able to show the elf reason but being the oldest by far, Calnarya does not feel she should listen to half their complaints.

Calnarya is from Rivendell though she has been to Lothlórien and Lindon and Mirkwood before it fell into darkness. She left Rivendell on a self-appointed mission to Edhelion when rumors began to be whispered in the Last Homely House. Unlike many of the others, her quest was not undertaken for revenge or a simple thrill-ride (as she calls Kynta’s reasons for fighting against Souron), but because of a duty she feels she must uphold. Her family has already sailed over the seas and perhaps, when she has finished saving this world and cleansing it of Souron’s darkness, she too will join them. Until then, she calls upon the powers of storm and fire, of healing and light, to protect this world one last time.



Calnarya Facts

  • Full NameCalnarya Anorerin
  • Name Originshinning red flame; day sun
  • ClassRune-keeper
  • RaceElf
  • OriginRivendell
  • Age1275
  • Favorite ColorBlack
  • CraftingTinker
  • Craft GuildJeweller's Guild
  • WarsteedMorannar


Gift of Black Fire; Elvish

A hot-tempered stallion, Morannar was feared by the Rohirrm but was exactly what Calnarya was looking for when she was offered a war-steed for her journey through Rohan. When the Rohirrim tried to talk her out of it, it was Cynthrya who assured them that the Rune-keeper was quite capable of handling him, and was right for the stallion, which Calnarya renamed to Morannar, is quite willing to do all the elf asks.