Woman Champion

Cynthrya keeps to herself and says little. If she does she says it for reason. While not stubborn, she is resilient and determined above all things for the murder of not only her father but of the horses that were stolen by Brigands when she was traveling north to Bree-land from Rohan. She was a sword-maiden of Rohan, not much unlike Eówyn. She has a deep, respecting friendship with Melannuial as the Elf found her first after her first encounter with the Brigands. Melannuial was the one who convinced the young woman to aid her instead of hunting the Brigands and avenging her father’s death.

Because she is from Rohan, Cynthrya is a skilled horse-woman and is typically in charge of the new mounts, including the hobbit’s ponies, should they need any sort of training or caring. Isilrien is the only one who is able to calm the horses with a touch of her hand a whisper in the Elven language but Cynthrya knows horses just as well. She trains and cares for all the horses and ponies that are brought in and kept in a fine stable not far from their house. When she is not practicing her skills or advancing her weaponsmith craft, she is often found in the stables.

Cynthrya Facts

  • Full NameCynthrya of Rohan
  • Name OriginNamed after me.
  • ClassChampion
  • RaceWoman
  • OriginRohan
  • Age27
  • Favorite ColorRed, Crimson
  • CraftingArmsman
  • Craft GuildWeaponsmith's Guild