Elf Lore-master

Of all the elves, Isilrien is the most outgoing and carefree of them all. She adores just about everyone and everything and tries to see the good and light in all situations. She has a love of animals that even rivals Cynthrya’s skill with horses. Her heart is good but she is by far the youngest of the three elves so she is easily seen, and acts, like a child. Despite this, her skills in battle and mastery of lore are more than efficient to protect herself and her friends.

Isilrien is from Lothlórien so she is seen as a bit of a higher-ranking elf being that she is from an older, purer line. She has little of the typical elven-attitude, as Kynta calls it, and Isilrien is really the only Elf that the Minstrel will tolerate if anything because of her lore and love of music that aids in the composition of new songs.

The young elf was present for the fall of Edhelion but she was a very young elf visiting with her parents. They both died in the attack but she escaped and left to return to the Golden Wood where she studied and remained until she decided to visit again. This time, she was swept away and met up with Melannuial whom she idolized and decided to follow.

Kynta of course, loves Isilrien because she makes the best cookies Middle-earth has ever seen.

Isilrien Facts

  • Full NameIsilrien Sûlanna
  • Name OriginMoon Maiden; Gift of Wind
  • ClassLore-master
  • RaceElf
  • OriginLorien
  • Age429
  • Favorite ColorViolet, Purple
  • CraftingYeoman
  • Craft GuildCook's Guild