Hobbit Minstrel

Kynta is Kynta; she’s a hobbit, she’s hyper, and she likes to have fun. If that means she’s wearing a box in the middle of an epic battle, so be it. She has a love and passion for music, song, story-telling, and over all anything that has to do with learning. Her love of music was what got her started on her adventures, as the tales of Bilbo and the Dragon always had her fasinated, so when she got the chance to have adventures of her own, she didn’t hesitate. While very hobbit-ish in many ways, her willingness to go anywhere and not care (much) about meals and the comforts of her home are not at all very hobbit like.

Kynta’s long-time best friend is a Warden named Alephnull Transfinite who journeyed with her up until Mirkwood when they had to part ways. She still fights on, but she hopes to find him again – she has a lot of things to tell him and can’t wait to tell him all her adventures. They are the original Super Hobbits (as she finally caved and gave him the title, too, after vigours hours of training…).

Despite her playful, comical act, Kynta can be serious and stubborn. While she may gripe and complain, and threaten to let her friends die when they’re sitting at a Tavern in Rohan or the Prancing Pony, she dosn’t. After all, if her friends go down, the bad guys will try to eat her next. She takes great joy in arguing with dwarves, howerver, more so than elves. No one knows why, but Melannuial believes it has something to do with their journey through Moria…

Kynta Facts

  • Full NameKynta Kelldot
  • Name OriginKelldot; from Pynti Peldot, Forochel
  • ClassMinstrel
  • RaceHobbit
  • OriginFallohide
  • Age34
  • Favorite ColorEvendim Blue
  • CraftingHistorian
  • Craft GuildScholar's Guild
  • WarsteedMarshmellow
  • Reputation MountOreoh, Mathom House Society


Marshmellow is a fat, happy pony that is as weird and lovable as his owner. He is spoiled and, for a War-steed, pretty lazy. Despite his name, he is not fat but he is pure white.


This is Kynta’s trusty pony. She’s been everywhere with him, right up until she entered Rohan. While he’s technically in retirement, as Marshmelllow has stolen the spotlight (and enjoying his lazy days in the fields of Rohan while Marshmellow does all the hard work!), he is always there when Kynta needs him, as there are some things War-steeds just arn’t good at (like reducing lag! :P)