Elf Hunter

Melannuial is known as the leader of the group of heroes that she lives with if anything because she is the one who found them all and has kept them together. Her sharp eyes and senses are stronger then the other two elves due to her hunter skills and her skill with the bow is unmatched by any in her group. Melannuial holds a quite demeanor and rarely raises her voice in anger though she has been known to have a silent temper. Her caring nature is often exploited should her friends and those she cares about become threatened.

She is the second youngest elf in the group of her friends thus she is still very much a young adult in the eyes of her people. Her father was one of the soldiers who had fought in the Battle of the Five Armies and when he fell, her mother was slowly consumed by grief. She had one brother who had fell alongside her father and it wasn’t until after her family had all but left her that Melannuial set out for Esteldin, answering a summons. Her adventures lead her to Bree-land where she met the spirited young hobbit, Kynta, and the Champion from Rohan, Cynthrya. While quite different in personality, their united goal soon became what bound them together. Well Melannuial still remains the groups distinguished leader, she is by far the most influential despite the other strong personalities within her group.

Melannuial Facts

  • Full NameMelannuial Khayawen
  • Name Origin'Gifted Friend of the Twilight'; 'Distant Maiden'
  • ClassHunter
  • RaceElf
  • OriginMirkwood
  • Age789
  • Favorite ColorRivendell Green
  • CraftingWoodsman
  • Craft GuildWoodworker's Guild
  • WarsteedMythrandir


Mithrandir (aka Gandalf the Gray!)