Curious by nature and because of her youth, Venza is a cheerful yet almost deceitful hobbit who feels that she must best Kynta at every turn. Despite her fault, Venza enjoys spending her time with typical hobbit past-times though she is still determined to be the best Burglar the world has ever known. She is loyal and stubborn, welcomes chances to prove herself, and never likes to be seen as the weak-link.

Venza began her adventures less willingly than Kynta or Zemma, having been dragged into her situation by a friend that was killed in the Brigand attack that landed her in jail. She has had a dislike for the name ‘Baggins’ ever since so her meeting with Frodo will not be a good one, no doubt. Unlike Kynta, Venza idolizes Melannuial and is always protecting the elf when Kynta tries to be a smart-ass to their unofficial leader. For a while, Venza tried several fighting styles, including Hunter and Warden, until she figured Burglar was best suited to her.

Venza Facts

  • Full NameVenza
  • Name OriginNone (she's actually named after a car...:P)
  • RaceHobbit
  • OriginStoor
  • Age29
  • Favorite ColorBurgundy
  • CraftingExplorer
  • Craft GuildTailor's Guild
  • WarsteedMischeif Maker
  • Reputation MountBandit, Council of the North

Mischeif Maker

Original name of the Steed of the Burglar.

MischiefMaker is, well, mischievous. Probably no more than his rider but he defiantly can give Marshmellow, Kynta’s white War-pony, a run for his money. While Mischief doesn’t share Marshmellow’s love of sugar, he is very good at getting into things he shouldn’t just because he can – then fainting innocence.

Mischief Maker uses the Steed of the Burglar gear, as well as the name.


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