Hobbit Guardian

With her family’s farm destroyed by Brigands, Zemma set off to avenge her family’s death, and that of her love-interest. She’s tough and very tom-boyish in nature. Her work on the farm has given her the stamina needed to wield the sword and shield she took up from the Brigands though they did little to protect her the night she was captured. Of course, she knew nothing back then but now she does. Protective and loyal, Zemma has recently forfeited her family name and simply calls herself Zemma. (Kynta doesn’t even think that is her true name but she can’t get the Guardian to say otherwise).

Zemma keeps to herself, preferring to mind her own business though she is seen often with Cynthrya, the Rohirrim girl. She has a respect for the three elves though nothing more than that as she care little for them or their influences. The only other hobbit she seems to tolerate is Venza as Kynta’s energetic bounciness is sometimes to much for her to handle.

Down to earth, stable, reliable, and proud, Zemma hates all who would destroy the Shire and has made a vow that if she must, she will face Souron himself.

Zemma Facts

  • Full NameZemma "Football"
  • Name OriginNone
  • ClassGuardian
  • RaceHobbit
  • OriginHarfoot
  • Age34
  • Favorite ColorOrange
  • CraftingArmourer
  • Craft GuildMetalsmith's Guild


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